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Yoga promotes positive health by reducing stress, increasing fitness, managing chronic health conditions, and weight loss.
We help guide you back to your true self. We believe that in yoga there is no right way, rather that the right way is your own. You are the expert of your ever changing body and mind. We allow you to connect with yourself, to listen and feel your way through the poses. Injuries come from wanting to be somewhere other than where we are. There is no correct posing, only finding ease in effort and letting go of the struggle to get someplace else.
We look forward to you practicing with us!
Welcome to ease:)

  • new this month

    2 videos

  • virtual live one on one sessions

    0 videos

    these one on one classes are tailored to meet your needs
    email Mary for more info:
    [email protected]

  • virtual live bookclub

    1 video

    Grab your favorite beverage and snack and let's discuss the chosen book. It's a fun way to get to know our online yoga community. We will meet every other month on Friday evenings 7:30EST.

  • mary's monthly vlog

    19 videos

    A moment to connect with the bliss by yoga family. See what Mary's up to monthly as she adds a bit of inspiration to keep you motivated for all things health, wellness and personal growth.

  • meditation & relaxation

    10 videos

    meditation and relaxation techniques can be amazing to calm the body and bring more focus into your day. Make them a part of your daily practice.

  • recorded monthly live zoom classes

    15 videos

  • bliss online sampler

    8 videos

    These classes are all about 20 minutes and allow you to try out our main class types. It's a great way to try a new class that may be out of your comfort zone. Take rest when you need to and adjust to fit your body, moving with ease...enjoy!

  • Focused Flows

    1 video

  • yoga for backs

    2 videos

  • foam rolling

    1 video

    roll away those pesky knots

  • just ten minutes

    6 videos

  • tweak the pose

    1 video

    This workshop will work through all the most used poses and ways to make them more accessible to your body.

  • yoga for toning

    4 videos

  • work break yoga

    2 videos

  • family mindfulness & yoga

    2 videos

  • calm your body

    26 videos

    Grounding and gentle, moving slowly through the poses, there is focus on breathing easily while moving. It will allow you to move through floor, standing and balancing poses with ease. You will end feeling less tense and more balanced.

  • refresh your body

    15 videos

    Moves at a slower pace while holding the poses for 3-5 breaths. The focus will be on breathing into the pose to allow the body to relax. It slows things down enough to allow for awareness of how the body feels in each pose. You will end feeling relaxed & refreshed.

  • refresh with weights

    4 videos

    Get the same benefits of a Refresh class while adding light weights to the poses. Grab 2 light weights and let's get started!

  • energize your body

    10 videos

    Each class will allow you to tune into your body, moving with ease while challenging yourself.You will end feeling energized, centered and focused.

  • energize/hiit

    2 videos

    A cardio class of Yoga & Tabata. Start with a yoga flow, moving into Tabata and cooling down with some slow stretches. Get your cardio in,,,,Let's GO!!!

  • yin yoga
    6 videos

    yin yoga

    6 videos

    This is a floor class, holding more passive poses for 3 to 7 minutes, targeting the connective tissue which will help create more flexibility. The focus will be on breath while letting go of muscle tension. There is a meditative atmosphere. You will end feeling calm, like you just had a massage.

  • blend
    3 videos


    3 videos

    This class combines calm, refresh, energize & yin, a little bit of everything

  • chair yoga
    12 videos

    chair yoga

    12 videos

    The focus is on the breath, moving through poses while seated. There is a standing sequence behind the chair while using the chair for support. Almost anyone can participate in this very gentle form of Yoga. It works the joints and muscles to increase flexibility, strength, balance, and circulat...

  • yoga with stephanie

    2 videos

    You will love Stephanie's positive vibe as she guides you through classes. If you'd like more of Stephanie and her travels through life, with yoga and being the mom of a little human follow her on IG...stephieecowan

  • yoga with traci

    2 videos

    Traci will guide you through each class with her gentle voice. She will encourage you to bring breath and mindfulness into the practice. Meet Traci on the mat with one of these classes.

  • outdoor summer series

    5 videos

    Grab your mat and head outside for the perfect combo of yoga and the outdoors. Keep in mind that if it's warm and you have a black mat...those mats get maybe find a place in the shade.
    If you are watching this in the winter, maybe this will warm your day:)

  • chakra balancing meditations (7 class series)

    8 videos

    enjoy this seven part series for balancing your chakras
    watch the intro to learn more

  • full moon yoga

    1 video

    roll out your mat for this full moon yoga flow